A short drama


In today’s challenging world environment, there are millions of people coming to terms with the sudden loss of freedom we once all took for granted.

Acclimatising to this new way of functioning within society is complex. We have all been confronted by a sudden shift in how we should respond to the world around us.

For many, this shift has led to increased emotional instability. An underlying state of anxiety and depression has impacted our general state of personal wellbeing. For some, it has become just too much. Loss of income, family separation and despondency has pushed some people close to the edge where suicide is seen as the only option to find peace of mind.
This film stands as a provocative examination of the subject of suicide offering another perspective on this very real community issue, the topic of which is generally avoided.

As a filmmaker, this short drama evolved from my own examination of that word, freedom. It then started taking its own direction into a social comment on the complexity of what it is to be human. I feel privileged to be involved in the possibility that this content may provide for those in conflict the opportunity to re-examine options by considering an alternative perspective on their world-view.

This film is an examination of the human condition set within an unfamiliar temporal landscape. Its a black comedy exploring hypothetical concepts suggesting the possibility that there are as many limitations and restrictions on freedom in the afterlife as there are in physical reality.

It is a confrontation with the inevitable transition between worlds which we will all face eventually.

One line synopsis

Having arrived in the afterlife, George is unable to move on until he eventually learns to ask the right question.


Paragraph Synopsis

The scene is set in the afterlife. George has died having committed suicide. A bird guides him through the process telepathically although it is somewhat condescending and impatient. The scene becomes increasingly chaotic and confusing through a series of random events. George becomes increasingly agitated with the provocative discussion between him and the bird (a white cockatoo). Eventually, he finds freedom having asked the right question.

The W-Word

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