The Kronicity Project

Proposed Auditorium design concepts.


Architecture has always been a reflection of human creativity and ingenuity. It draws upon diverse sources of inspiration, ranging from nature’s beauty to historical landmarks. Yet here, is a unique architectural work that blends the acoustic qualities of an auditorium with the elegant complexity of mathematics.

The design seamlessly blends art and nature celebrating the principles of pure beauty and acoustic perfection. Adhering to the design principles of the golden ratio, a renowned harmonious mathematical formula used by numerous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, the exterior of this extraordinary auditorium draws upon the form of a huge nautilus shell. The design of the cochlea of the human ear and the mathematics of the golden ratio are comparable, so it follows that an auditorium based on these values would produce exquisite audio. As well as invoking a visual representation of the human heart, it exists as a testament to the wonders of organic design. Here we see the ancient architectural world of Cambodian heritage entwined with nature and revitalised in an ultra-modern creative context. It emerges from the fluidity of organic composition to the solid structure of form and place.

Artistic Impression | The Kronicity Project

Designed by Lindsay McAuley, an author and visual artist, this project has the potential to attract world tourism and promote cultural exchange. The construction of this building will require an incredibly diverse range of skills from experts in a variety of fields such as fundraising, acoustic technology, project management, and town planning. McAuley is undaunted by the sheer scale of this undertaking and intends to develop relations with both private and relevant government departments to realize his dream project.

Although a presentation is being initially developed for the South East Asian nation of Cambodia, a building of this nature is suitable to be constructed in any country in the world. As a cultural, performance and artistic hub, it will serve as the pulsating centre of vitality within a community, just as the heart unites the body’s diverse systems.
If you are interested in participating in this one-of-a-kind cultural project or, want to show your support, don’t hesitate to contact the designer. Lindsay is presently building a steering group to realise this architectural masterpiece. Over time, it will attract a team of professionals locally and from all corners of the Earth if necessary.

The Kronicity Project will celebrate the principles of acoustic perfection, ingenuity, and beauty for generations to come.

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Kronicity Design/artistic considerations

This modern art community project will attract a diverse range of activities. Local art education, international exhibitions, theatrical performance as well as cinema/video projection. It will be sustained by promoting business conferences, as a tourism attraction and peripheral services such as restaurants and cafes.

Drawing upon both local cultural and world influences, this building provides a much-needed community centre in regional Cambodia. Here we see the ancient architectural world revitalised in an ultra-modern context providing a world-class performance space where people can gather in a unique architectural environment.

This auditorium will captivate all who behold it. It is proposed for the township known as Kompot in Southern Cambodia. Nestled beside a flowing river that leads to the gulf of Thailand and set against a tropical mountainous backdrop, it will be a spectacular architectural icon reflecting the cultural heritage that is distinctive of this wonderful country.

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